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  • Increase of online bookings through Meta advertising.

  • Bypassed the likes of to purchase direct from the hotel. This is a saving to the hotel of 30% per booking.

  • Increase of online gift vouchers purchased through Meta advertising.

  • Content creation and social media management.

Warders Hotel - Fremantle 

  • Increase online bookings to the establishments via use of Meta advertising.

  • Increased bookings of Christmas functions and New Years Eve celebrations (sold out).

  • Content creation and social media management.

Emily Taylor - Fremantle

  • Increased student enquiries and filled student vacancy rates via optimised Google and Meta advertising throughout 2023/24.

  • Filled Kindergarten vacancy rates for the year 2024 via Google and Meta advertising.

  • Managed and ran social media platforms and content for the official 3rd party school channels.

Mater Christi Catholic Primary School

  • Raised the digital profile of Spoke Corporate via SEO keywords + Google and Linkedin advertising. 8 of 10 keywords now feature Spoke Corporate within their search terms.

  • Content creation and management targeted towards key influencers in the investor relations space throughout Australia and world.

Spoke Corporate - Investor Relations

  • Content creation and reshaping of digital output. Meta Reels, videos and images.

  • Meta advertising conversion ads targeted towards specific regions within Perth and north Western Australia.

  • Social media management and platform integration.

Buckingham Drive Autos

  • Creation and management of clubs websites designed specific to requirements of each club

  • Meta and Google ads driving over 60 enquiries to play football for respected club. 30 paying and playing new members in season 2023. Both clubs biggest ever intake.

  • Social media management & content creation.

Fremantle Phantoms / Canning Vale Saints FC

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