Which Platforms Do I Need to Focus On?

Ever been to a restaurant and had so many choices it leaves you confused as to what to do order. In the end you do try what’s on offer but it is all pretty bland. Then you go to a restaurant with a lot less on offer but what you order leaves you satisfied and content. The truth is you can’t do everything and do it all really well. Your resources are stretched too thin trying to make everything and you do not have the best ingredient for each dish. A smaller menu gives you time to focus and dedicate your time and get the best ingredients to your dishes each day.

Now think about that for your social media profiles. There are so many to choose from and do but that doesn’t mean you can do all of them. Well you can, but you won’t do them justice. You won’t be able to work out the best formats to use, how each audience operates differently, how to engage properly on each seperate audience and you cannot keep up with the ever changing algorithms that are dropped on you on a whim. After a while your audience will give up on you as you’re not speaking to them and they will go where they are valued.

But, if you were to choose a couple and do them well and spend time on developing a strategy for each platform and engage with your audience and work out how they operate, what makes them tick and what resonates you are sure to leave your audience satisfied and content. They will invest in you as you have invested with them.

Now the question is, which platforms do I go on? Well that all really depends on who your audience is. If you are leaning towards a demographic heading towards their 50s then we would suggest Facebook, a younger demographic would be a platform and content like TikTok and/or using Reels on Facebook and Instagram as that is what they are engaging in.

The key point to all of this is that any platform could be a good fit for your business. Your strategy needs to be created, who you want to engage with and who you want to attract and use the right platform or content theme that resonates with this audience. Do not go out and do all of the platforms in a hope you might do one right, believe us, it will leave all your customers with a horrible taste in their mouth.

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