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Why Do I Need a Website?

We understand the value of good social media and growing platforms, and that's why a lot of people ask us if it is really necessary

to have a website to go along with a strong Facebook/Instagram/YouTube presence. Without hesitation the answer is YES, you need to have a website to go along with your brand/personality.

Why so? Having your own website is like storing all your favourite items in your home, you can place it and put it where you like, promote what you like and how you like and it's all yours. You are not relying on an ever-changing algorithm that one day may feature you on top of the pile, the next right at the bottom. Like what's in your home, it's yours to do what you want and how you want till you decide to leave.

Social media platforms will always be the winner when it comes to promoting but a website will not be a better place to house and manage your fans/followers/customers.

What's more a website can launch and manage other areas of your business that can be quite difficult on the third party platforms. Think merchandise, ticketing, area dedicated to videos, blogs, and images, the list goes on.

Lastly it is important to know that you can install tags and cookies to your site like Google Analytics, Linkedin Insight tag, the META pixel, etc. These, and many more, will help you track visitors to your site and get a good understanding of who is coming to visit you, it assists in tracking for advertising purposes and helps build lookalike audiences so your META tag (for example) knows who your audience is which TRULY helps with any marketing you want to do on your social platforms.

The GOOD news is websites are easier to create and manage. Yes, they still need work and they need to look good, be responsive and mobile first and they need love to rank high on search platforms but there is not the high price tag associated to them and there is no need for coding to get going. Unless you are a big brand and big company who needs web developers - and they are worth the money they get paid - getting a website created in good time and one that looks good and works well and gets indexed in speedy time is possible.

Punchee Media specialises in these kinds of websites. We are not a Nike, a Samsung or Tottenham Hotspur, but we can build your website for you to work for you.

Talk to us to get yours created in no time.

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