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What Makes Good Content on Social?

A question that gets asked a lot and a question that cannot be summed in one sentence. Actually, it just can't be summed at all because there are so many factors to what makes good content and each depends on what you are promoting and to who exactly.

Take for example a client of ours that was targetted towards 50+ and a client of ours which was targetted towards 16-25, would you think we are creating the same content themes for both? No chance. Without giving away who the clients were our 50+ audience was targetted towards Facebook and the content was in-depth, rich in written content and a lot of testimonials. This target market had more time to find out more information, were prepared to read through information longer and prepared to watch videos longer. What's more, they required an in-depth website and regular EDMs to keep them interested in our product.

On the other side, when we were targetting the younger demographic, our content themes were short, sharp and to the point. The videos were fast, the words were tight but impactful. The content was syndicated to several platforms but the content was repurposed and repackaged to engage with a younger mind-set.

We cannot say precisely what content themes are going to work each and every time on social, but having an awareness of how each demographic engages with social is important, it is definitely not a one size fits all approach. Content needs to be crafted and curated and speak to the audience you are seeking. That's why when you come to use Punchee Media we will work on understanding your audience, their needs, their behaviours and what drives them to act.

So what makes good content on social? The answer is open, everything can make good content on social, just as long as you understand your audience.

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