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How a Football Club Went from 0 enquiries to more than 30 new paying players in 3 months?

18 months ago Punchee Media met with a local football club to discuss their social media and digital acquisition strategy to acquire new players.

The club had very minimal knowledge of social media and their digital acquisition strategy was simply asking players to share a post on Facebook and hope for the very best…

Surprisingly at best they attracted 4 or 5 enquiries and one new sign up. For that particular football club their thought process was digital doesn’t work and it’s too hard. Back to plonking a sign on the side of the highway hoping for a passing eye to catch their information and sign up.

Fast forward to the end of that campaign in 2021, that same club had received over 50 new enquiries to play and with that, 25 new paying players - the most sign ups ever.

How was it done?

Punchee were able to get to the core of the issue and were able to truly identify the key demographic; what kind of people may be interested, how old they are, what makes them tick and where are they in their life? By knowing this target market, Punchee Media went back and created several assets to use for content across the Meta platforms. Punchee created compelling ad-copy and built interest and re-targeting ad-sets within their campaigns that they knew would peak potential players interest. With assistance from a newly dynamic and versatile website matched with a Google ads campaign hitting the correct keywords and search terms, the omnipresent campaign had such a spike in interest, the club had to put a stop to it as there were too many new people wanting to play. A very good problem to have.

Digital worked, most of us know this, however where it worked and who for (men aged 40+) was significant because people told us, you can’t target these kind of men on social as they ‘don’t do social’. The proof is in the stats, they are there - it’s just a matter of how you find them. Punchee Media worked that out.

This season, Punchee Media is carrying out more player acquisition campaigns for more clubs seeking to encourage older aged men to play football. The same original club is already exceeding expectations this year again with more campaigns done by Punchee Media and as such has included another team in the local competition due to the increase in numbers.

Digital done by Punchee works.

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