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Google; Paid Ads and Organic Ads

Like the saying goes, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it fall? The same is said for first page Google results; if you're not on first page of Google, do you exist?

To those who are not your close friends and family, no, you do not exist. Rest assured this doesn't mean you are finished, you are just beginning your Google journey to the top of the tree.

There are two types of people seeing you and your content when they search. The first can by paid - Google Ads - these are the top headlined results that you see on a given search. The other is organic results and you only get their by having good SEO for certain keywords on your website. (Please see our excellent article on good SEO for your website).

A common theme from clients are people asking why they see competition above their company when entering a search, before I even look I know the answer. The said company has invested in having a high ranking website to give them good SEO and good ranking. This takes time and good website management, links, images, vids and all. The other is they are doing Google Ads well and know what people are searching for in that industry and prepared to pay for the ads to be both seen and clicked on. If your company has neglected looking after SEO and doing Google Ads then how are people going to find you, how are they going to know you exist.

To be successful on search (Google) then you need to be doing two things. Google Ads and good SEO. You want to be the tallest and proudest tree in your industry and there is a long way to climb that level, but it is all very well do-able.

Talk to Punchee Media to help you grow on Google.

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