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Boosted Ads vs Ads Manager. What’s the difference?

We get asked about doing ads on Facebook and Instagram quite frequently and are told by many people doing ads are very simple so why should we use an agency? A lot of people say they have tried doing ads on Facebook but got nowhere, then I ask, did you use Ads Manager or a boosted post; often it’s the latter and to which I can only respond and tell them they have yet to use advertising on Facebook correctly.

Simply put there is a difference. And whilst we don’t neglect boosted posts which are readily available to anybody, these are great in promoting a website, getting likes, being noticed, and quite simply easy to do. However using Meta’s Ads Manager is something that can be quite complex, hard to understand and truthfully, time consuming.

In a nutshell we can break it down to 4 key benefits:

Ad Placement: There is a big network which Facebook runs and operates in. When you use Ads Manager you are placing your ads (at choice) on several platforms. From Facebook Reels and Stories, Facebook Store, Instagram articles, Messenger ads, and so on. It is basically getting your ads out on more platforms so when you run your campaign you will be noticed.

You have greater creative control over your ads, which include your call to actions, e.g. Book Now, Shop, etc. Boosted posts are only given a few options for your key Call to Action, and lets be honest when you are doing ads and promotions of any sort you do need to have greater control over what you want people to do. For us it’s a no-brainer.

Boosted posts do allow for specific targeting and great for local attention, but with the use of Ads Manager you can reach more targeted and specific audiences that are similar to people who engage with your website, your subscriber lists and people who engaged with your Facebook page. Again we are trying to reach people who would be interested in our product and having a more specific and targeted market helps with our main objective, which leads us on to our final key point…

With Ads Manager we can create more objectives to what we want Ads Manager lets you choose objectives such as Store Traffic, Conversions, and Lead Generation. It truly helps build up acquisitions to your business which is what makes META the greatest advertising tool on the planet.

There is no doubt, knowing the benefits of understanding and using Ads Manager over a boosted post are worth the effort and worth doing and until you have tried them for your business you have yet to really use Meta for what it is.

Need help, reach out to Punchee Media.

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